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Atlanta Corporate Housing vs. Hotels


Atlanta Corporate Housing vs. Hotels

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Whether you are heading out for a long business trip, relocating, or need a place to stay for a decent amount of time in Atlanta, Georgia, you might be considering corporate housing versus hotels. Hotels seem to be a quick and easy idea but it can end up being more costly over time and not quite as spacious or comfortable of a stay.

Consider that hotels have to be paid for every night you stay, whereas corporate housing can be rented out at much more reasonable rates for a couple for a weeks, often up to 30 days and even longer if need be. You also have to deal with hotel tax that adds up over your stay, but not with corporate housing. It allows you to have a longer stay without as much of the financial burden.

Hotel rooms are also often small, no more than 400 square feet for a typical room. Corporate housing gives you double the space, especially corporate housing in Atlanta. It is essentially a fully furnished apartment with several rooms and the kind of space that you will find comfortable to work, sleep and stay in. You will have a kitchen area to fill with groceries and prepare meals (saving you more money as well) and a space that is comfortable to stay in for such an extended period of time.

Your location is often better in regards to the city, as well as the kind of building you are staying in. An upscale building with a nice apartment is far nicer than a quick stop hotel that might not even have the sort of amenities you need for a long term stay, like being able to bring your pet, for one.

The choice is pretty clear for anyone who wants a comfortable, easy trip as opposed to a financially stressful and cramped one.

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