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Hotel vs Corporate Apartment? The Comfortable, Money-Saving Choice

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Hotel vs Corporate Apartment? The Comfortable, Money-Saving Choice

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Travelers seek a comfortable and cost-effective solution when searching for a place to stay. Whether you’re traveling for business, in-between living situations, or simply just need a temporary housing solution, you may be deciding between an extended-stay hotel or an apartment.

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to live out of a suitcase.

If you are traveling to a new city, you may consider booking a motel, hotel, extended-stay hotel, or a home through a home-sharing site. However, here are some facts to consider:

  • Hotels charge 15-17% in taxes.
  • Corporate housing apartments offer 61% more square feet than a hotel room.

A cost-effective solution is corporate apartments.

What are Corporate Apartments?

A corporate apartment is a short-term housing option that offers completely furnished apartments for either a short-term or long-term stay. It’s an alternative and cost-effective alternative to extended-stay hotels. You can rent corporate apartments for 30 days or more, with one all-inclusive monthly bill.

Who Can Rent a Corporate Apartment?

The term “corporate housing” was first used in the business industry when corporations and employers would find housing for their traveling employees. However, today the term “corporate apartment” refers to anyone renting a furnished apartment on a temporary basis.

Students, individuals, families, military personnel, and many more clients rent corporate apartments. Whether you are an individual traveling for work, a student in medical school, or a family in-between homes, a corporate apartment is the ideal accommodation for you.

How Do Corporate Apartments Work?

Renting a corporate apartment is easy. All your expenses, including all bills and rent, are on one monthly bill.

What’s Included in a Corporate Apartment?

Your unit comes fully furnished, complete with a full-size kitchen, amenities, washer/dryer, walk-in closets, garden-style bathtubs, and much more.

See what’s included here.

Should I Get a Hotel or Apartment?

Here are some facts to consider when deciding between a hotel or an apartment:




Our Corporate Housing in Atlanta

Average daily rent

$130/day + Extra Fees



200-400 sq ft

600-1500 square feet


Limited or small kitchen

Full-size kitchen and amenities


Coin operated laundromat

Washer and dryer


Many hotels do not allow pets, or charge excessive pet fees

We accept furry and feathery animals, including dogs, cats, and birds. View out pet policy here.


Limited amenities, such as small gym and pool

Luxury amenities, such as a full gym, beautiful courtyard, resort style pool, grill area, and more


Located next to busy interstates or roads

Located in residential areas in close proximity to local shopping, restaurants, schools, entertainment, banks, and more


Open parking lot

Open, covered, or underground parking


1 or 2

Modern studio apartment, 1 bedroom apartments, or 2 bedroom homes


Usually only 1

More than 1; Garden style bathtubs


No or limited upgrades

Upgrades available, with high speed internet


Open area

Private entry gates



Queen bed, sofa, nightstand, television, plants, cocktail table, and more. See what’s included at our corporate housing options here.



Large walk-in closets



One all-inclusive bill, which saves time and money


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